Aug 26, 2009

Sabbatical & Update

As you know, I have taken a few months away from blogging. It has been tough, but I felt like God clearly instructed me to "decrease," and a blogging sabbatical was a major piece of obedience. It has been very healthy for me to have to keep my thoughts to myself, and not be updating this page a couple of times each week. It has been humbling.

Leaving the Willow Creek Association, where I served as the Business Leader for SHIFT was heartbreaking. I loved the work, love the people, and love the Organization. At the end of the day, my body could not handle the pace, rigor, and stress of the position. My body quit on me; I thought I was going to have permanent damage and/or die! (literally) But God had other plans...

Over the past 8 months, God has continually been at work in me, in Bobbi, and in our precious family of 4. Things have not gone exactly as we would have written the script, but God's ways are not always our ways, eh? My body has healed. I now work for the Minneapolis Public Schools, serving as a Dean of Students in one of our inner-City High Schools. Financially, it has been a tough summer, but we believe by faith that God will use even that as a piece of our future testimony and Ministry!

Bottom Line: We are back in the City we love best, surrounded by those we love most (except for our RC3 peeps and others we love who live in NYC, Chicago, Seattle, and other places), and at the Church we call home: Sanctuary! God is still @ work, and I am still not "officially" returning to the blogging world...yet.

There are some hard lessons that I am not yet done learning. There are some core values Bobbi and I have to revisit. There are some long-term dreams and goals that Bobbi and I have to talk about, and resolve to be our life trajectory. I remain in a season of sitting on God's Anvil. It is hard being hammered, but without it, we can all get rusty, disfigured, and dull. I want to be sharp and useful. I want to figure out how to best live each day in my passion for economic justice and whole-life transformation. I want to live a life worthy of my calling.

That's it for now. I'll be back. When? I can't say, exactly. But I'll let ya know!



  1. good to hear. I always wonder about what you're up to; knowing your heart and your wiring as what I believe to be an entrepreneurial leadership style, it's important to have a fit where you can serve AND lead. It's been an equally tough and interesting transition for us and a time of economic uncertainty which really brought us to a new place and new challenges. Like you, this road is leading somewhere and God is molding our family through the process, but good things are happening and God is providing despite the difficulties. I feel you, and I'm glad to celebrate your new role in this tough economy and being in a place where you can be enveloped by community. That's always important.

  2. Word. Keep it up. And I've got extra socks! ;)

  3. we love you brother - and it's time for coffee - before classes start?

  4. Face-to-face meetings I am always down for. I don't think I will be posting frequently - at least not yet. I need to get some areas of my life more shored up (like finances), and maybe then I will have the time, energy, and everything else it takes to keep a blog rolling.

    Marque, cuando?

  5. Welcom back, sorta. I am learning similar lessons and wondering what God is up to. Look forward to hearing about your journey.